Order a Joshua Dean Real Estate Gift Card for yourself or someone you know.

Joshua Dean Real Estate is continuing to make the home buying and selling process fun, educational and affordable. We realize that money is tight for most real estate consumers and we also realize the value of a good bargain. That's why we're offering our real estate clients a $500 Real Estate Gift Card.

The Real Estate Gift Card can be used by you or those you know in the purchase or sale of a home.  Each Gift Card may be used more than once (in separate transactions), and does not expire.  For example, if you sell your home and purchase a new one, you may use a Gift Card once per transaction.

If you are considering buying or selling a home, or know someone who is, I would encourage you to pass along one of the Gift Cards so that they too can take advantage of the high level of service, experience, and dedication that we provide to all of our clients. Order one for yourself, your family, your co-workers, or anyone you know that is considering buying or selling a home. We'll provide the card(s) and shipping, free of charge! Order your card(s) using the order form below.

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  The fine print: The Joshua Dean Real Estate Gift Card is redeemable for buying or selling real estate with any Joshua Dean Real Estate agent. The Gift Card entitles the cardholder up to $500 off their home listing commission and up to a $500 rebate in the purchase of a home. Joshua Dean Real Estate must earn or be offered a minimum of a 2.5% commission in the purchase or sale of a property in order for this offer to be valid. If your home is currently listed or you are currently under a buyer-brokerage agreement, this is not intended to be a solicitation. The Gift Card must be presented before closing. Cardholder will receive a $500 cash back rebate from the purchase or sale of any home closed over $300,000 or a $250 cash back rebate from the sale or purchase of any home closed that is less than $300,000. Offer not valid for pending contracts. © Copyright 2008 Joshua Dean Real Estate. All Rights Reserved. No duplication or replication without the express written consent of Joshua Dean Real Estate.
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