Joshua Dean Real Estate is fighting to protect your family, community and real estate consumer rights. The real estate industry and the real estate agents that make this industry their profession seem to come under a constant assault from people outside of the industry. I think it is fairly accurate to say that most people that have sold a home certainly question the real estate commissions that are paid in order to market and sell a home. However, REALTORS do a lot more than put a sign in your yard, a lockbox on your door, and pick up a commission check at the closing.

REALTORS and the professional REALTOR Associations that they are members of work tirelessly to fight for your rights and make sure that you and your family are protected in your real estate transaction. Most of this activity happens behind the scenes so you may not always know it is going on. A few of the things that REALTORS continually do to protect you include;

  1. fight local governments that try to illegally raise your property taxes or restrict your ability to sell your home through use of an illegal transfer tax or city property inspection.
  2. support local efforts to curtail eminant domain decisions that allow local governments to seize private property for use by private interests in the name of enlarging their tax base and promoting economic development.
  3. create the marketing agreements, sales contracts, and property disclosures that are used to protect you during your real estate transaction.
  4. protect consumers against predatory lending practices.
  5. lobby congress on issues that protect real estate consumers including issues on Fair Housing Laws, Real Estate Settlement Laws, defending mortgage interest deduction, keeping banks out of real estate, and much more.
  6. Create education awareness campaigns and programs to ensure that all real estate consumers are treated fairly and understand their rights and their role in the real estate transaction.

With over 1 million members strong, REALTORS represent the largest trade organization in the United States; the National Association of REALTORS. We are your neighbors, your real estate educators, and your friends. Issues that affect you also affect us. This is just one of the many reasons why we fight so hard to ensure that your rights are protected. At Joshua Dean Real Estate, it's not just about ensuring that our agents are able to financially support themselves and their families; it's about making sure that our families, friends, and real estate clients are educated about the real estate process and understand the great lengths that we go to to ensure the rights of your family and community are constantly protected.

The links below will take you to recent legislation and issues that REALTORS, like Joshua Dean Real Estate, are fighting for.

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